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  • 3 Excuses Suppliers Use to Overcharge Solar Customers

    It sounds amazing to get your electricity free from the sun. And it is! But many energy suppliers then turn around and charge you more for the electricity that you purchase. For example, EnergyAustralia entirely remove their 35% usage discount for solar customers. AGL reduce their usage discount from 28%...

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  • Free your Boss Bill

    Here’s a chance to impress your boss (again) on Monday morning. Our new local market advisor Energy Umpire is offering free energy bill health checks for small-to-medium sized businesses. They compare your business’s energy consumption rates with every local plan available and calculate how much you can save. Energy...

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  • 11 Ways Energy Suppliers Boost Profit at Your Expense

    You’ve just signed up for a new energy plan with a massive 38% discount. What a relief.  Now you can forget about it for a few years, right?  Unfortunately wrong. In this blog, we explain the “11 common ways that Energy Suppliers have you paying above market rates without...

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