Wrap of Energy News

  • Wrap of Energy News

    Interested in what’s happening in Energy this fortnight?  Read on to find out.

    Energy seems to be in the news a lot recently.  From renewables, to coal, to the ever rising cost of electricity and gas; there seems to be an unending supply of information.

    We’ve collected some of the best stories happening around Australia this fortnight.

    It’s time for Australia to scale up its energy diplomacy

    Later this month, Prime Minister Scott Morrison will travel to Osaka for the annual G20 Leaders’ summit, and he will no doubt want to make his mark following his election triumph. Advocating for the reform of the international energy architecture would be a good place to start, given the rapidly changing geopolitics of energy and Australia’s interest as an energy superpower.

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    theinterpreter, Tuesday 11 June 2019


    Catch Energy offers Tasmanians an alternative for energy

    Tasmanians now have another electricity provider to choose from, with Catch Energy launching in the state.

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    The Examiner, Wednesday 12 June 2019


    Coal unit failure a threat to Victorian energy security this summer

    Victorians face the risk of another summer without enough power to pull through the hottest days, as a fault at the state’s biggest coal-fired power plant is expected to drag on into December.

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    The Age, Wednesday 12 June 2019


    Fracking exploration in NT to begin in ‘coming days, if not weeks’

    The Northern Territory Government has lifted its three-year moratorium on exploration fracking for onshore shale gas in the Beetaloo Basin, and expects engineering works could resume within days.

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    ABC News, Wednesday 12 June 2019


    National electricity market becoming riskier as stresses mount: report

    Australia’s main electricity grid is “facing an escalation of risk” as operational challenges increase and policymakers struggle to develop a coherent strategy to climate change, a new report has found.

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    The Sydney Morning Herald, Monday 3 June 2019


    Australia could cut emissions and power bills by adopting global energy efficiency standards

    Australian households could cut their household power bills by almost $800 a year, while emissions could be reduced by adopting global energy efficiency standards, a new report has found.

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    SBS News, Wednesday 12 June 2019


    Australia missing out on huge cuts in emissions through energy efficiency failure

    Australia could cut greenhouse gas emissions halfway to its Paris agreement target, and save $7.7bn a year in bills, by adopting existing global standards on energy efficiency.

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    The Guardian, Wednesday 12 June 2019


    Electric cars and renewable energy could drive new outback mining boom

    Electric cars and wind turbines could be pivotal to fuelling the next outback mining boom, with resource companies and start-ups worried Australia is not making the most of a new wave of mining activity across the nation.

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    ABC News, Tuesday 11 June 2019


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